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Electronic identity card

+ Installing the drive and Middleware

+ What if the installation does not complete successfully, or if I can not read my eID?
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+ Using the eID in different programs

+ What personal information contained in the card?

+ How does the electronic signature?

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+ Port obligatoire de la carte d'identité (.pdf)

+ What can I do with my electronic identity card

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The information provided on this page about the electronic ID card are not intended to be exhaustive, but to allow a user to have the information and basic software to exploit the information contained on the chip its electronic identity card.

Installing the drive and Middleware

To start the installation, click the eID Quick Install, then click "Run" and follow the instructions on the screen. This even if you have previously installed Middleware in the past.

programme a exécuter programme a exécuter

The new middleware version 4.0.2 contains a number of small bug fixes.

Release Notes (PDF)

Software for different operating systems are available on the website

In case of problems during the installation, please contact the helpdesk :

Helpdesk Belpic (permanence 24h/24)

This program is essential to read the data on the chip of the electronic identity card and its use.

It allows you to perform the following operations: display the contents of the chip, change your PIN, status visualization and automatic registration certificates, detecting the presence of a smart card reader.

The middleware Belgian electronic identity card is a program that allows to establish the connection between the application that manages the security features (digital signature) and the card reader chip that performs cryptographic operations. It is essential to install the client certificate to the electronic identity card during a transaction via the Internet.

Installation driver et middlewareDuring the first reading of your electronic identity card,'' the installation of the client certificate eID will be done automatically if you have an operating system MS-Windows.
Card contains 4 certificates, namely two certificates from the federal government issued identity card and two personal certificates for signing email, presentation on web sites, etc..

You will find all the information necessary to install the eID Middleware Belgium on site at the following address