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Electronic dispenser - Irisbox


All the forms and documents of the administration are available on the regional platform Irisbox.

Then to order the following documents, go to the website (documents only in French)


- Formulaire de composition de ménage

- Certificat de nationalité belge

- Certificat de domicile et de résidence

- Certificat de vie

- Extrait d'acte de naissance

- Extrait d'acte de mariage

- Extrait d'acte de divorce

- Extrait d'acte de décès

- Dérogation individuelle - pic de pollution

- Renouvellement de carte de riverain


You will find hereafter the different forms you may print and fill in in order to take an administrative step (i.e. parental authorization) at the Municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (only available in French and Dutch).

All these documents are in the Acrobat format (.pdf). Please note that some of them are not convertible in html (for the users of the Online Conversion of Adobe).