Community Centres (french-speaking)

The municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre has five community centres.

These various centers have all the same objective: to promote community life in the district and to make the municipality closer to its inhabitants. In those conditions, they developed a great number of social and cultural activities with the assistance of local organizers. In spite of certain common activities, like workshops of languages, painting, sewing or yoga, each one has its own specificities.

These centers offer permanent activities of leisure, various clubs, craft industry, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, visits and cultural travels. It is also possible to rent rooms for parties, family meetings, conferences, exhibitions or various activities. For any information, please contact each one of these centers.

The representatives of these centers meet in a co-ordinating Committee in order to ensure some cohesion in regard with the activities and operation as well as to stimulate their spirit of initiative, while providing them a material and technical assistance. This help will promote whole the local activities, more especially the major ones like the anniversaries of the avenue of Tervueren and the various annual stock sales.