You want to move to Woluwe-St-Pierre? There are two possibilities:

  • Or you search on the private market: via advertisement (in the street, in journals, on the internet) or by consulting a real estate office (Sorimo, Victoire, Macnash Est, IGC, J&J Properties, Engel&Völkers etc.)
  • Or you search on the public market where rent is usually lower than on the private market.


You look for a place to live on the public market?

Different actors are there to help you to find a place to stay at lower cost:


Your place in uninhabitable or non-conform?

The Housing Code prescribes many conditions (fire safety, inhabitability etc) to rent out a house.

  • Regional Housing Inspection

In case a tenant has difficulties or problems regarding the basic conditions of safety and/or inhabitability in his place (humidity, no natural light, no heating, no hot water etc.), he can file a complaint at the Regional Housing Inspection (DGHI) (website in French or Dutch)

The DGHI will visit the venue and if necessary, dress a report ordering the owner to take measures. The owner disposes of a 12 month period to carry out the necessary works. Once this period is over, the DGHI will visit the venue again to verify if measures are taken. If this is not the case, a sanction will follow: prohibition to rent out.

Regional Housing Inspection (DGHI)
CCN North Station
Vooruitgangstraat 80/1 – 1035 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 204 12 80 (Monday, Wednesday , Friday between 9 am and 12 pm)
Fax: +32 (0)2 204 12 73
Email: broh.huisvestingsinspectie@gob.irisnet.be

  • Justice Department Woluwe-St-Pierre

Disputes between landlord and tenants are brought before the peace court.

Grootveldlaan 147

1150 Woluwe-St-Pierre
Email : j.p.woluwe-saint-pierre@just.fgov.be



You just bought a property and want to move to Woluwe-St-Pierre? You are not over 40? You are carrying out renovating works and enjoy premiums from the Brussels Region or Brussels Environment?

The municipality of Woluwe-St-Pierre gives additional premiums.

The municipal premium corresponds with 50% of the premium obtained from the Region or Brussels Environment, with an absolute maxium of €600,00. The premium can only be awarded if there is proof over the Regional premium, and if the revenues of the renovator are not higher than the treshold of average income.

The request is written and addressed to the Council of Mayor and Aldermen. D

Housing Service
Charles Thielemanslaan 93
1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

or by email (logement@woluwe1150.be) by using the form underneath (filled out and signed)

Regulation (in Dutch) (in french)

Form (in Dutch) (in french)

Renovation works have to carried out within 3 years after obtaining the property. The municipal premium has to be requested within 4 months after receiving the regional premium.

For further information about the procedures and conditions, please contact the Housing Service: logement@woluwe1150.be or 02/773.05.79.