Municipal secretariat

Avenue Charles Thielemans 93 – 1st floor

The principal function of the municipal secretariat is to contribute to the correct general working of the administration by assisting the municipal Secretary and the various administrative services.

In a limited number of cases, it provides also directly some services to the public.

The municipal Secretariat ensures the following services:

  1. Drafting the official minutes of the municipal Council and the College of the Mayor and Principal County Magistrates.
    The secretariat takes care of the drafting and the conservation of the official reports of the meetings held by the municipal Council and the College of the Mayor and Echevins.
    The agenda of the municipal Councils open to the public can be consulted on the website or be obtained on request near the secretariat.
  2. Management of the files of the members of the College and of the municipal Council.
  3. Management of the files of the inter-communal companies and others to which the municipality is affiliated.
  4. Administrative management of the files of the factories of church.
  5. Management of the administrative file “elections”.
  6. Reception and sending of the mail.
  7. Organization of the ceremonies for centenaires as well as golden, diamond, brilliance and platinum weddings.
    At the occasion of a 50th, 60th, 65th or 70th anniversary of marriage, the Municipal authorities will have the pleasure to congratulate the happy jubilaires during a ceremony which can be organized within the Town Hall or in the residence of the jubilaires. To fix the date, you just have to answer the invitation sent by the secretariat two months before the official date of the anniversary of marriage.
    Such ceremonies are also organized in the honor of centenaires.
  8. Management of the reception staff.
  9. Publication of the payments, orders, investigations and measurements of various information.
  10. Filing
  11. Management of the administrative documentation
  12. Follow-up of the administrative procedure preliminary to the handing-over of an honorary distinction
    Only the employer is entitled to introduce a request for honorary distinction for a member of his personnel by means of an ad hoc form provided by the Federal Public Service Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue. The Municipal authorities supplement this form and returns it to that Service.
  13. Organization of ceremonies of handing-over of honorary distinctions to the members of the municipal personnel.
  14. Subsidies to the patriotic associations.
  15. Edition of a municipal guide and its updating (in collaboration with the service of the Public relations).