Intergenerational home sharing Senior/Student

What is intergenerational living?

Intergenerational living is the living together of a senior and a student. In some cases students pay lowered rent in exchange for carrying out some small household charges (groceries, cooking, keeping company), in other cases students pay rent for a room (180-300 eur/month) without carrying out household charges. This allows the senior to establish some extra revenues and prevents social isolation of the elderly.

End of March, 2017, the muncipality of Woluwe-St-Pierre registered 46 projects. This means that 92 people are benefiting from intergenerational living. The municipality occupies the first place in the ranking with the 18 other Brussels municipalities.

The building “Beau-Site” managed by A.I.S. Le Relais counts 15 projects.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact ASBL 1toit2âges. This organisation brings all interested parties together.

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