Club of the amateur photographers of Sainte-Alix
av de Biolley 79, 1150 Brussels
Contact: Henri Mottart : 02/762.11.57 – 0478/597.895

Activities :
Initiation, laboratories, studio, catches of sights, assemblies AV, photo analyses, special techniques, etc.
Meetings every Monday from 8.00 pm to 10.15 pm for the initiation.


Art Club of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
President : Suzanne Descamps (02/770.15.78)
Activities : association of professionnal and amateur artists. Exhibition once a year.


Royal Horticultural and Poultry Club of Woluwe-Stockel
Avenue des Dix arpents 62, 1200 Brussels
Phone 02/675.77.70 – 0488/416.259 (secretariat)


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