Fountains and Sculptures

Fountain of the Public Garden Montgomery

Fountain located at the center of the public garden, project carried out by the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The fountain is illuminated thanks to a system made up of a light generator of a network of optical fiber cables and lenses.

Group of five statues

In a private small garden, at the n° 194, avenue of Tervueren in front of a building with apartments, built in 1960 by the architect COLLIN, appears a group of five blue stone statues laid out in half-circle carried out by the Belgian artist Akarova, (Marguerite Akarin, 1904-1999), illustrating a poem of a mutual friend, Géo Liebbrecht, which had composed in 1959 a mystical poem entitled “the man with the perforated hands”.

Under the same sky

This sculpture was set up with the roundabout of the street Vandendriessche in memory of the victims of the genocide of Rwanda in 1994. This work is the fruit of a reflection led by two artists, the Belgian Tom Frantzen who carried out the inaugurated work on June 8th 2004 in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and the Rwandan artist Epaphrodite Binamungu who carved the work installed in Kigali.


Monument designed by Miss Henriette Joséphine Calais (1863-1951), painter, who lived as from 1922 at the n° 9 of the street Martin Lindekens, in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. This work was carved by Charles Verhasselt (1902-1993). Located Jules César avenue and inaugurated in 1962, the sculpture was moved to Général of Longueville in 1966.

Park of Woluwe – “protected trees”

Selection of the annual competition organized by the European Foundation for the sculpture. The work entitled “the trees protected” from Nathalie JOIRIS (hawthorn/small granite) carried out in 1998 was installed in 1999.).

The Moon embarks

This work which was offered to the commune by the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region was inaugurated on November the 23th 2002 and is the work of a contemporary French sculptor, Jean-Paul PHILIPPE who was known by the installation of a great hopscotch at the bottom of pyramids of Cairo. The monument was set up in front of the Communal Hotel. The work is a sculpture even if it allows the water run-off in a basin: a column of 6 meters is surmounted by a moon in the shape of boat by where the water escapes which runs in cascade towards a basin of 12 meters, from where emerges the sun, which, makes spout out water.


Located on Esplanade P.H. Spaak beside the entry of the Cultural Center of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, the sculpture entitled Passage is the work of a German artist LARGE Rainer. The work was inaugurated on May the 29th, 1999.


Sculpture located in front of the entry of the room of the Marriages on Esplanade pH Spaak. It is the work of Patrick CROMBE (without date).


Bronze Sculpture of the local artist Alfred BLONDEL; located on the Dumon place, it was offered to the commune by the artist in 1994.


Located with the Public Garden Louisa, the work of Alfred BLONDEL was offered to the commune by the artist and was inaugurated in 2003.


“Diane de Gabies”, is a moulding carried out by the Royal Museums of Art and of History of Brussels, replacing a copy previously damaged, this reproduction, made by reconstituted French stone, its place at the Field of the Manor found in 1989. (without date)

Contemporary Sculpture

Located at the Alleys (square with the Plane Trees) and realized by Jacques MOESCHAL. Inaugurated in 1980.

Large Folded Two

The sculpture located place de l’Orée (Joli-Bois) is the work of Monette LOZA, the work was inaugurated in 2003.


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