Schools (nursery, primary and secundary schools)

French-speaking municipal schools (nursery and primary)

Ecole du Centre

Avenue Charles Thielemans, 30
Phone 02/773.06.40

Ecole maternelle de Joli-Bois

Val des Epinettes, 13
Phone 02/773.18.05

Ecole primaire de Joli-Bois

Val des Epinettes, 3
Phone 02/773.18.02

Ecole du Chant d’Oiseau

Avenue des Eperviers, 62
Phone 02/773.06.81 – 82

Ecole de Stockel

Rue H. Vandermaelen, 61
Phone 02/773.18.51 – 52

Each nursery and primary municipal school offers a child-minding service, a homework class from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm, sports activities on Wednesday from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, complete meals, swimming courses starting from nursery school.


Special Education

Ecole de Joli-Bois

Val des Epinettes, 5
Phone 02/773.18.09 ou 02/773.18.10


French-speaking non-municipal schools (Nursery, Primary and Secundary schools):

Athénée Crommelynck

Avenue Salomé, 13
Phone 02/770.32.50 ou 770.06.20

Ecole du Bémel

Rue du Bémel, 122
Phone 02/762.20.65 ou 02/771.15.15

Lycée Mater Dei

Avenue des Grands Prix, 72
Phone 02/770.03.99

Ecole paroissiale N.D. des Grâces

Avenue du Chant d’Oiseau, 19
Phone 02/771.27.46

Institut Don Bosco

Avenue du Val d’Or, 90
Phone 02/771.01.02

Collège Jean XXIII

Boulevard de la Woluwe, 24
Phone 02/771.01.78

Collège Jean XXIII (annexe)

Avenue Parmentier, 21
Phone 02/771.37.38

Ecole du Sacré-Coeur

Rue Félix de Keuster, 58
Phone et fax 02/779.67.87


Lower and upper Secundary municipal schools

Centre scolaire Eddy Merckx

Rue au Bois, 369
Phone 02/773.18.06 or 02/773.18.07
Economic sciences, clerical work

Avenue Salomé, 2
Phone 02/773.18.31 – 32
Physical education