Security cell

Catastrophes demand a fast and efficient reaction. This is only possible when all services involved work perfectly together. In order to facilitate good collaboration, the security cell organizes a broad, multidisciplinary preparation.


The security cell gathers the mayor, the emergency plan officer and a representative of every service involved. If necessary, the cell can enlarge itself by inviting specialist.

The Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Security Cell is composed as follows: :

  • Mayor: B. Cerexhe
  • Emergency plan officer: L. PRÉGARDIEN
  • Fire Department: representative
  • Public Health: representative
  • Police
  • Logistics: representative
  • Information: A. DESPIEGELAERE
  • Chief department of building, energy and special techniques: O.VAN STICHEL
  • Chief department public space
  • Chief department ICT: B. CAILLOUX
  • Coordinator Coordinateur psychosocial C.P.A.S. : A. de ROSEN
  • Communal secretary: F. van LAMSWEERDE


What are the needs in case of a catastrophe, taking into account the existing resources? Are there any gaps? The security cell its mission is to answer these questions and keep the answers up to date by evaluating permanently.

The main tasks are:

  • Elaborating emergency and intervention plans
  • Dress up action sheets
  • Organise simulations of catastrophes to test the emergency and intervention plans, manage the exercise
  • Evaluate urgent situations and exercises
  • Adapt the management of incidents and the emergency plans
  • Prepare an inventory of risks and analyse the risks
  • Prevent by informing the population