Report a problem on the public space

Street lights failure

Dispatch number: 02/274.40.66, or email or fill out the form on the website.

If the problem concerns a regional road, please contact MRBC: 0800 94 001 or email

For bigger or more urgent breakdowns, please contact SIBELGA directly

Other Problems

If you notice a problem that endangers safety or comfort on the road, please let us know: 02/773.06.00 –

1. Road Problems:

  • Potholes;
  • Damages to roads or pavements (maintenance and reporting duty of property owners: in case of accidents, they can be held liable);
  • Loss of cargo after accidents.

2. Slippery roads: dangerous or slippery (road) surfaces

3. Drainage problems:

  • Noisy or broken sewage covers;
  • blocked or broken drains
Request connection to sewage (French)

4. Environmental problems:

  • Sick or damaged trees or vegetation;
  • Access blocked by weeds;
  • Bad sight on roads because of high weeds or other vegetation;
  • Municipal terrains covered by weeds

5. Illegal dumping: trash illegally dumped on public roads or isolated places

6. Hurt or dead animals: the Environment Service will be contacted immediately to take care of the animal.

  • If a wild animal is hurt, it will be brought to the nearest revalidation centre;
  • If an animal died, a rapid removal will be carried out in order to avoid an outbreak of diseases that could harm people, other animals or plants.

7. Pests problems (rats)

Twice a year, VIVAQUA organizes an anti rat campaign in every Brussels municipality. These campaigns always take place in Spring (between March and May) and in Autumn (between October en November). This is when rats reproduce. Depending the length of the sewage in the municipality, the campaign lasts between 1 and 4 days.

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