Chien vert – Parc du Cinquantenaire


This was an inn restaurant located on the Avenue de Tervueren no 300, a walk during which you could have a bite to eat, a drink as well. This was called “Chien vert” because of a sculpture exhibition which probably took place at the end of the 19 th century at the entrance of the Woluwe park under construction at that time. In front of that restaurant, there was a bronze dog, patinated green (piece of art of J.B. Van Heffen). This establishment was then called “Café-Laiterie du Chien vert” and had a 2-meters high metal part placed on its roof in the shape of a green dog sitting. This metal part disappeared in 1967, was then repurchased by a public subscription in 1988 and found a place of honour at the top of the front door of the current building.