People with disabilities

Social Services
Town hall, ground floor
02/773.05.60 –
Appointment required


The social service is there for you

  • More information about
    • income replacements
    • parking card which enables you to park on reserved places
    • reimbursement for the taxi costs (reglement) (only available in French and Dutch)
    • etc.


  • Parking place in front of your house

It’s possible to obtain a parking place in front of your residence. An inquiry will be carried out to check the possiblities.
To do so, please send an e-mail to  with the following documents:

– A letter specifying your request and the exact address
– A recto/verso copy of your parking card for people with disabilities
– A copy of the general attestation of recognition

Different associations may also help you:

  • National Association for Accomodation of Disabled People (A.N.L.H.)
    Adapted accomodations, accessibility, transports,… Open from 9.00 a.m to 5.00 pm – Delivery service 24h/24
    Rue de la Fleur d’Orangers 1/213 – 1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/772.18.95 – Fax : 02/779.26.77
  • Autonomia
    Publishes the newsletter AUTONOMIA that gives information about: employment, home keeping, better mobility, leisure, etc… for disabled people. Open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
    Avenue Vander Biest, 70 – 1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/772.41.92 – Fax : 02/779.26.77
  • Toys and games library for disabled children and adults
    Avenue Parmentier, 19
    1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/767.79.01 ou 02/395.67.42
  • Cité Services
    Assistance at home for the everyday activities for disabled people living in the Cité de l’Amitié
    Rue du Ciel Bleu, 13a/400
    1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/772.31.11
  • Facere
    Occupational home for mentally disabled people
    Avenue Montgolfier, 89
    1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/771.02.29
  • La Serre Outil
    Protected workshops, gardening, felling and pruning, fences laying, lawn creation, parks and gardens maintenance.
    Open from 8.30 am to 5.00 p.m.
    Chaussée de Stockel 377
    1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/762.80.73 – Fax : 02/771.32.49
  • Timber
    Day centre for mentally disabled people who cannot fit into protected or normal work …Avenue Parmentier, 19
    1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/772.45.62
  • Centre “Lui & Nous”
    Rue J.G. Eggericx, 15
    1150 Brussels
    Phone. 02/763.04.35
  • Almagic
    Hiring and loan of adapted bicycles
    Avenue des Mimosas 7
    1150 Brussels