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Illegal dumping, illegal and/or dangerous parking, graffiti, dog defecation, nuisance and so on. The list types of of uncivil behaviour in cities is long.The General Police Regulations, adopted by the city council on 22th of February 2006 regroups the uncivil acts that can be punished with a municipal administrative sanction (SAC/GAS). These sanctions are mostly fines that cannot exceed €350,00.

Règlement général de police (French)

Protocole d’accord relatif aux sanctions administratives communales en cas d’infractions mixtes – personnes majeures (French)

Protocole d’accord relatif aux sanctions administratives communales en cas d’infractions mixtes – personnes mineures (French)

On 21st of March, 2017 the city council also adopted regulations concerning uncivil behaviour on public transport. These rules are common to all 19 Brussels Region municipalities.

Règlement Particulier de Police pour les transports en commun (in french)

Contraventions and offences are either reported by normal police officers or by so called reporting officers. Reporting officers are officers that were trained and designated by the city council to fulfil this job. These officers have followed special formation and need to meet strict criteria in the exercise of their function.

There is no specific uniform for reporting officers. They belong to several pubic institutions: parking waiters (green uniform), cleanliness agents (orange uniform), traffic agents (no uniform) etc. Reporting officers should always wear a legitimation.

Reporting officers play an important role in the municipality. They form a bridge between the inhabitant and the authorities of the municipality. They try to make public space more enjoyable and cleaner for all. The officers role remains mainly preventive, informative and convivial.

Once a report is dressed, it will be forwarded to the sanctioning officer. He will analyse the file and decide whether it is opportune to sanction or give a warning.

Fines can not exceed €350,00. Concerning illegal parking, the reporting officer has no discretion. The amounts of the fees are fixed in the Road Code (Code de la Route/Wegcode): contravention first degree: €58; second degree: €116; and third degree: €330.

In case you notice uncivil behaviour, do not hesitate to contract the Legal Service (02/773.05.78 or We deal with it as soon as possible.