Soleil des Toujours Jeunes (S.T.J.)

The non-profit-making association “Soleil des Toujours Jeunes” offers throughout the year a range of diverting and convivial activities for its members: excursions and guided tours in coach, stage and very diverse musical performances, conferences, trips, stays abroad, etc …

General information:

Our excursions in coach always start with the picking up of the members in the districts of the municipality and end with the deposit of the travellers at the same places. Our visits are guided. At the theatre, the places suggested are located, as far as possible, at the ground floor and not far from the scene. The Cultural Centre is in the City Hall.

Admission conditions:

For your friends who would not be yet ours, they just have to be pensioned and to pay an annual subscription to become member of S.T.J.


  • 12 EUR for the inhabitants of Woluwe-St-Pierre
  • 18 EUR for the former inhabitants of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
  • 25 EUR for the others

In order to avoid any wasting, the program S.T.J. is only dispatched to the people having paid their subscription.

New members:

To register, you just have to call Mrs Isabelle PEETERS (02.773.05.32) who will give you all the necessary details.


All the payments (subscriptions, visits of museums or specific exhibitions, conferences, spectacles, one-day excursions, travels, etc.) are to be done by way of a bank transfer or a crossed check to the name STJ. No payment is thus accepted at the Office S. T. J. The date of payment does not assure you the availability of the places. Those are sometimes bought in a few days.

Registration to our activities:

A program is sent to you two times a year : in January and September. To this program is attached a bulletin of subscription which, filled in and signed, must be returned as soon as possible to S.T.J. You can drop it off in the mail-box of the City Hall, avenue Charles Thielemans 93, or you send it to us by post. A crossed check with the amount to be paid is compulsorily to be joined to this bulletin of subscription. Transfers are not allowed with the bulletins of subscription. Only crossed checks are accepted. Their amount can exceed 173,53 EUR. However, you can always pay by means of a transfer, but we will be able to register you on the list of the participants only when we are credited with the sum, i.e. with a delay of several days.

To take part to the same activity as other “Always Young” friends, the best way is to send only one envelope with your bulletins of inscription while stipulating: “with Mister and Madam …”

Attribution of the places, reservations:

Places are allotted and reservations made according to the order of arrival of the subscription bulletins. If all the places available for an activity are exhausted when you request, we will send you a letter :

  • vproposing you another date if one additional day could be organized ;
  • indicating you that one additional day cannot be considered and that we refund you.


Amounts equal or lower than 5 EUR are not refunded if you cancel your reservation. Any request for cancellation must be introduced at least 10 days before the activity. By the end of this period, cancellation costs (up to 100%) will be deduced from refunding.


Any information can be obtained by calling 02/773.05.32 (direct line). To be received at the Office S.T.J., you need essential to call this number in order to get an appointment.