Parking (cards)

Avenue Charles Thielemans 93 – Ground floor
Phone 02/773.07.33

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:00
Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm
Thursday from 4pm to 7pm
Last ticket 15 min. before closing time

Useful links

Parking Plan (in French)

Orange Zone Stockel (in French and Dutch)


Where to place the card?

Parking cards (except visitor cards) are to be placed behind the windscreen, down on the passenger side. The municipality delivers an easy plastic holder (sticker). By using this holder, the parking card is visible, entirely legible and easy to verify by the controlling agent. If you’re not using the holder, the parking card will be denied and a parking ticket will be established.

Validity of the parking card

Parking card are only valid for the vehicles with the license plate that corresponds with the one on the card.
As long as the card has not been delivered, you cannot use its benefits.
The parking card has to be handed in from the moment that the user does no longer fit the criteria for bestowal. The municipality will automatically annul.