Parking card – certified school or public childcare

Who is it for?

Everyone working in a certified school (subsided or recognized by a regional authority) or a public childcare.

Where is it to be used?

Park the registered vehicle for free in the neighbourhood of the certified school or public childcare, except orange zones.

How to go get it?

The request has to be made at the ‘Parking Card Service’ by the chief of the institution where one works, or his representative.

What documents to bring?

  • Copy of the identity card of the appellant;
  • Copy of the staff list (up to date);
  • Copy of the certificate of register of the vehicle;
  • If the vehicle is leased: attestation of the leaser claiming that the appellant is the main driver of the vehicle or a copy of the lease agreement;
  • if the vehicle is registered under someone else than the appellant, proof that the appellant is declared first or second driver on the insurance agreement.

How many and what price?

As many cards as staff members, annual cost of 75,00 EUR/card.