Parking Card “Resident”

Who is it for?

Every individuel registered in the Population Register of the municipality.

Where is it to be used?

Parking for free on the entire territory of the municipality, except orange zones and zones “residents only”.

How to get it?

By presenting yourself at the town hall, desk Parking Cards, in possession of following documents:

  • If the car is registered under the name of the applicant: the register certificate (vehicle part);
  • If the car is subject to a lease contract or belongs to the workplace: the register certificate (vehicle part), as well as an attestation of the employer declaring the applicant is the main driver of the vehicle;
  • If the car is registered under the name of a third: the register certificate (vehicle part), as well as proof that the applicant is named as main or second driver on the insurance agreement.

How many and what price?

Max 3 cards per household, annual cost:

1st card 20,00 EUR, 2nd card 50,00 EUR en 3th card 250,00 EUR.

Residents submitted to tax on second residency can only obtain one and only one card at a rate of 250,00 EUR.

Renewal of your parking card

The parking card can be renewed starting from 30 days before the expiry date. After the expiry date, a tolerance period of one month is taken into account, during which the resident has to renew his card. You do not receive a warning to inform you about the expiry of your card.

The parking card can be renewed:

Access to the electronic desk requires the use of an eID reader, available in every electronics store.
This manual explains you how to renew your card online (step by step) (available in French)


Every first request of a parking card needs to happen at the town hall, service parking cards.

Car registered abroad?

Residents of the municipality possessing vehicles registered abroad need to register this in Belgium (exceptions exist). Foreigners can obtain a parking card ‘resident’ valid for 3 months at the time of their register in the Population Register (fee: 20,00 EUR)