Rubbish collection

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre benefits from waste collection system of carried out by the Regional Agency for Tidiness “Brussels-Propreté”.

Planning of this collection :

More info about waste sorting : or here

For buildings with appartments :

For buildings with a sufficient number of inhabitants, the Regional Agency Brussels-Propreté places for free containers in place of blue and yellow bags as well as for glass. Containers for non-sorted waste are also available, but they are not free.

For the dustmen of the Agency Brussels-Propreté, pay attention to the fact that :

  • bags are well closed
  • bags do not contain objects that can injure the dustmen
  • bags to be evacuated are not overloaded (max. 15 kg). Do not forget that the dustmen have to collect several hundreds of bags daily.

If you want more information concerning the Regional Agency for Tidiness, do not hesitate to call 0800/981.81 (free number). You can also consult its website :