Small chemical rubbish

Some domestic waste can contain toxic chemical substances presenting a danger for health and environment. So they cannot be mixed with the household waste or be poured via the sink or W. C. in the sewage system.

  • remainders of detergents, bleaches, ammonia, caustic sodas, scalers, waxes, aerosols, scouring powders;
  • oils for frying, vegetable fats;
  • old medicines;
  • varnishes, solvents, paintings, dyes, adhesives, resins, rust preventives, pickling solutions, thinners, stain-removers;
  • piles, batteries, accumulators, oils of draining, antifreezes, extinguishers;
  • pesticides, insecticides, artificial fertilisers;
  • products of photo laboratory, inks, photocopiers products, radiographies;
  • worn syringes;
  • fluorescent tubes (“neon”), economic bulbs.

There are two ways of throwing them away :

  1. The local dump
  2. The “Proxy Chimik” : It is a white truck with “Proxy Chimik” written on it. It stays at fixed days and hours in 7 different places of the municipality. Calendar 2023