Glass containers (bottle banks)

Bottles, jars and other flasks out of glass intended to contain foodstuffs can be thrown away in the containers (known as glass “bubbles”). This type of waste can also be thrown away, in small quantity, in the blue bags.

Find the bottle banks near your house

Caution: When you throw away your containers in these bins, do not forget to remove the lids (in order to put them in the blue bags) and the tops.

Caution : The surroundings of the glass bubbles are not dumps.

Do not throw away in the glass bins :

Mirrors, bulbs, pyrex, porcelains, earthenwares, sandstones or terra cottas, flat glasses (panes) crockeries, crystals, stoneware or terra cotta pitchers, fluorescent tubes (“neons”).

Caution: Do not forget that many bottles are returnable and should be brought back to the store. It is often cheaper and better for the environment to buy products in returnable bottles. In order to find returnable bottles in stores, look for the mention “CONSIGNE” in capital letters, or a particular logo.