The rigid bin is compulsory for the collection of white bags

Our neighbourhoods are regularly confronted with the problem of torn garbage bags. The waste spread in the public space is a real nuisance for the residents and an extra workload for our teams. This is why the municipality has decided to impose the use of rigid bins for the collection of white bags from the first of September 2021.


Where can I get a rigid bin?

  • Black rigid bins can be bought at the reception of the municipal hall at cost price. 2 models : 80 liters (15€) and 50 liters (10€).
  • Residents are also free to buy a rigid bin elsewhere (max 80 liters, flared shape, height : +-50cm)


How to use it?

The white bag is of course still compulsory and must be placed in the rigid bin, which must be presented without a lid for collection by Net Brussels.



Residents living in homes that are technically unable to accommodate a rigid bin, or who have justified difficulties preventing the use of a rigid bin, can fill in the exception request form below, or phone the waste management service: 02/773.06.12. The College will examine the requests that are submitted.


Other measures to combat stale bags

We also encourage you to put out your bags as close as possible to the time when the Net Brussels waste collection lorries pass by (i.e. in the morning) rather than the evening before.

Sorting (organic) food waste via individual or neighbourhood composting or via the orange bags reduces the amount of food waste in the white bag and makes it less attractive to animals. The orange bins are available free of charge at the reception of the municipal hall.


Everyone is responsible for keeping their pavement clean

The Règlement Général de Police (General Police Regulations) stipulates that the occupants or owners of a dwelling are responsible for keeping the pavement in front of their home clean. If your rubbish bag is torn on the public street, you are responsible for cleaning up the rubbish that is scattered around. An administrative fine will be imposed on anyone who does not keep the pavement in front of their home clean.

With the introduction of this regulation on the compulsory use of the rigid bin, the municipality intends to act even more firmly to guarantee the cleanliness of the neighbourhoods, for the benefit of all.


Broken garbage bags – Warning and notice letter