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Declaration of marriage

The declaration of marriage is mandatory before proceeding to the celebration of the marriage.

Before filing a declaration of marriage, the future spouses need to open a marriage file at the Civil Status Registrar. Once they contact the Registrar personally, they will receive a list of formalities that need to be taken care of before concluding the marriage.

The Civil Status Registrar will collect all needed documents that were issued in Belgium.

Celebration of marriage

The date of the celebration will be pinned when future spouses have signed the declaration of marriage. Note that the celebration of the marriage can never take place before the 14th day following the declaration of marriage.

Marriages can be celebrated daily in the morning. No possibility to celebrate on Sundays. For holidays and long weekends, please contact the Registrar.


  • €50,00 for marriage celebration (free on Friday from 10 -12am)
  • €25,00 for the booklet of marriage