Anticipated Declaration relating to euthanasia

Service Population – Tel : 02/773.05.41 or 02/773.06.62


Every major or emancipated minor can register an anticipated declaration relating to euthanasia at his local authorities. In case the applicant is no longer able to express his own will, a doctor could proceed to euthanasia.


  • The applicant who’s not physically able to sign the declaration, can be assisted by a third person who doesn’t benefit from the applicants death. A medical certificate is mandatory.
  • The applicant needs to appoint to witnesses, of whom at least one has no material benefit out of the applicants death.
  • The applicant can appoint one or more persons of trust.

Procedure: confirmation notice will be sent to the applicant within 15 days after declaring.


Declaration before 2020/04/02 : 5 years, renewable

Declaration after 2020/04/02 : illimited validity

Cost: free of charge