Driving licence

Phone. 02/773.05.44 or 02.773.07.75

a. Temporary driving licences category B

1. Theoric examination

  • Theoric examination from the age of 17
  • The theoric examination can take place in any centre

2. Practical training

  • Theoric examination passed since less than 3 years
  • TDL 18 months (without a guide)
    • 18 years old at least
    • No TDL 18 months delivered before
    • 20 hours of practical classes at least with a recognized driving school
    • Aptitude certificate delivered by the driving school
    • No guide
    • One passenger admitted if he is holder of a cat. B driving license and is 24 at least
    • Cannot be neither renewed nor extended
    • Only valid in Belgium
  • TDL 36 months (with a guide)
    • 17 years old at least
    • Compulsory guide :
      • Must fulfil the conditions of residence in Belgium
      • Holder of a cat. B driving license from at least 8 years
      • No forfeiture since less than 3 years
    • One passenger admitted
    • Can be renewed but not extended
    • Only valid in Belgium

3. Practical examination

  • 18 years old at least
  • The candidate must hold a TDL cat. B since at least 3 months

4. Cost

  • 28,10 euro. 

b. Temporary driving licence model 3

  • Delivered fo all categories, except category B
  • From the age of 16 for catagory A3
  • Cost : 28,10 euro. 

c. Driving licence

1. First issue

  • If the practical examination has been passed
  • Exchange of a european of foreign driving license
  • Cost : 28,10 EUR. 

2. Duplicate

  • Delivered on the basis of a theft of loss attestation from the Ministry of Mobility and Transports, filled in by the police
  • The theft of loss declaration must obligatory be made in Belgium
  • Cost : 28,10 EUR

4. Paid transport

  • Driving license delivered on the basis of a medical attestation
  • Licenses delivered before 01.10.1998 : exchange of the license ; driving licenses delivered after 01.10.1998 : the indication must be appended
  • Cost : 28,00 EUR. 

5. International driving licence

  • The requester must have a Belgian or European valid driving license
  • The international driving license is valid for 3 years
  • Cost : 28,10 EUR. 
  • Please bring a recent (less than 6 months old) colour photo of yourself on a white background
  • It normally takes a week to obtain a driving licence, but this can be extended in some cases. We therefore advise you to apply well in advance if you need a permit for a trip abroad.

Practical arrangements

The steps are taken personally by presentation of the identity card.

Model and quality of the photos

The applicant must provide two recent photos, colour or white and black, whith a white background.

Method of payment

The driving licenses are paid at the time of the request, either in cash, or by Bancontact.


Please note that a surcharge of €10,10 is required for non-residents (registered with a diplomatic/consular post).