Certificates of identity for children of foreign nationality who are less than 12 years old

Service Population – Tel : 02/773.05.47 ou 02/773.05.49


The certificate of identity is issued at the request of people exerting the parental authority on a child who is less than 12 years old and registered in the register of the population or the register of waiting.

The presence of the child is mandatory at the moment of the request.


  • EU-citizens : 11,10€ (normal procedure) – 113,20 € (emergency procedure)
  • non EU-citizens : 14,10€ (normal procedure) – 124,60 € (emergency procedure)

Validity: EU-citizens : 3 year – non EU-citizens : depending on the stay

Delivery time: 2  weeks

Note: Identity photos are now taken directly at the administration office (except for children under 3, who still need to bring their own photo).